Property Owner Upset After Trees Cut Down with No Notice

SOUTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A woman in Schuylkill County tells us she's devastated after trees that provided peace and serenity on her property were cut down without any notice.

Dawn Barger admits she's a "free spirit." She plants 10 to 20 trees every year and loves nature.

Her home near Schuylkill Haven used to be surrounded by trees, which attracted all types of animals. But Barger came home from work Wednesday night to find many of those trees were gone.

"I went to go get my mail, and next to my mailbox, what used to be tons of trees were completely gone," Barger said. "I had piles of wood, piles of twigs, everything just totally cut down. Over 20 trees."

Barger lives in a private development. Her house sits on a hill and her friendly confines used to be surrounded by nature and trees. Until now. She tells Newswatch 16 that 20 to 30 trees on her property were cut down without any notice.

"It's very upsetting. I cried most of the night because I look forward to it. I wake up in the morning and see what's flying around, what animals are out there, and I just think if they would've taken the time to talk to me, we could've figured out another plan."

Barger says crews with PPL Electric are to blame because they left stakes where the trees are cut down. She adds there's a new house being built next door and believes the trees were cut down so PPL could put in a utility pole.

"The whole purpose of moving to where I'm at is I love nature. I love to have the trees around me. I love the views. I bought all those properties so I could be safe and have a little cushion, and they just came in and invaded my territory and didn't even call me. So, it's been quite a shock."

In a statement sent to Newswatch 16, PPL confirmed that the trees were cut down in order to extend a service line to a new customer near Barger's house. PPL says it did try to contact Barger on Wednesday, just before crews started working, but was not successful. The utility also admits that it can do better and is working to improve the notification process.


  • John Graber

    Always found PPL to be very good in their administrative process. Nobody is talking about “right of ways”. I am quite sure they had the right to cut. As a builder have seen times when a person builds a home and are the 1st to do so, and then get upset when homes go up around them. I love trees too, but maybe she should have found property that had a little from “right of ways”.

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