Snow Makes a Mess of Roads; Truck Drivers Wait out the Storm

HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- As the storm winds down, road conditions are still dicey for drivers.

Within just a few hours, roads went from just wet to being completely snow covered.

As the sun set Sunday and the snow fell throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania, the interstates were uncharacteristically empty.

PennDOT's commercial vehicle ban had many drivers pulling over for the night.

In Columbia County, truck drivers stopped just off the Buckhorn exit along Interstate 80, some drivers say safety was the main priority.

"Truthfully, I like it because it avoids accidents, so it keeps us safe," said Eugene Wheeler of Delaware.

Others voiced their frustration at being grounded for the night.

"I'm a little frustrated, supposed to be in New York City, JFK International Airport, and with the ban, I'm not allowed to move," said Jim Mahler of Ohio.

Rocky Franklin is a driver from Missouri. He says he appreciates PennDOT's safety initiative despite the toll it takes on his paycheck.

"Most of your main highways get clogged with rollovers and jackknives. Unfortunately, a lot of commercial drivers have no incentive to shut down because they're paid by how much mileage they make," Franklin said.

As the snow is expected to continue into the night, drivers expected to be parked for a little while.

While commercial drivers were forced to park, we headed out onto Interstate 80 where roads were snow covered.

If you have to be out on the roads, take your time. PennDOT has reduced the speed limit to 45 miles per hour on the interstates as a precaution.

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