Snyder County Walmart Greeter Offered New Position

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There's a happy ending for a greeter from the Walmart near Selinsgrove.

Adam Catlin was offered a different position at Walmart.

His new job title will be "self-checkout host" and Adam will greet customers by the self-checkout.

Catlin spent part of his lunch break talking to reporters about his new position at the Walmart near Selinsgrove. On April 27, Adam will become a self-checkout host.

"I'm going to be sitting by the self-checkout, promoting the self-checkout and saying hi to the people," Adam said.

Adam has been a greeter for ten years. Recently, he was told his job description was changing and he needs to start performing new tasks that he can't do because of his cerebral palsy. But after a meeting with Walmart officials, Adam was offered the new position.

"I'm on cloud nine because I didn't want to leave here so I'm really happy," Adam said.

Walmart greeters all over the country are in similar situations.

Walmart's president and CEO put out a memo on the greeter situation and said each employee will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Part of that memo says, "if any associate in this unique situation wants to continue working at Walmart, we should make every effort to make that happen."

Adam Catlin has a message for all of those greeters.

"Never give up. always keep the fight up, never give up."

Adam and his family tell Newswatch 16 they are thankful and grateful for all of the support from the community. Adam says people were congratulating him on his new position all day and he looks forward to greeting everyone as they come to Walmart near Selinsgrove.


  • lickerblisters

    If I were Adam I’d tell Walmart to shove it then sue the ballz off them. Must be the corporate lawyers advised Walmart to keep him on board. They certainly didn’t do it from the bottom of their hearts.


    glad to see he will still have his job, Walmart has done the right thing for their associates in this situation, these people love their jobs, and love to work, a valuable addition to Walmart, or any company!

  • calfguy

    Good to hear someone somewhere in corporate still has a sensible common sense state of mind. Happy ending for once

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