High School Seniors Raise Awareness Locked in SPCA

WOODWARD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two high school seniors from Clinton County are hoping to raise awareness about animals living in shelters. They're planning to spend 24 hours in a kennel at the Clinton County SPCA.

These friends have a lot in common including their love of animals.

This year for their senior project, the girls decided to volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. That's when they came up with the idea to live alongside the animals for 24 hours.

"I've always had a really big passion for animals. I love them to death and it's something, I just love animals," said Hannah Koch.

That love for animals brought Hannah Koch and Katie Campbell to the Clinton County SPCA. The Central Mountain High School seniors have been volunteering as part of their senior project.

But for Hannah, it wasn't enough.

"I just felt like I needed to do something bigger than just do my hours and get it done with, so I texted her one morning and asked, 'are you crazy enough to stay in a kennel with me,' and she said yeah, so here we are."

With support from the shelter, Hannah and Katie have decided to spend 24 hours in a kennel at the shelter. They hope their stay will help raise awareness about the animals living there. They are also collecting donations.

Surrounded by barking dogs and unable to leave, the experience quickly became an emotional one for the girls.

"To be in this one spot and just hope that somebody comes by to see, it's kind of hard to believe that this is what a dog sees," Hannah said.

"We try our best to make it feel like home and we treat them like they are our own but it's not it's not their home," said community outreach coordinator Marissa Henry.

Hannah and Katie plan to eat and use the rest room the same time the dogs do. The teenagers will be allowed outside if a volunteer comes and chooses to take them for a walk.

The young women are hoping to raise awareness, and hopefully, get some of the dogs adopted, but also would like to see some of the cats go to a forever home.

"Some people, it's 'out of sight, out of mind.' They don't see these animals that are in these cages that don't have homes or someone to be there with them and they need a home," Hannah added.

You can follow Hannah and Katie's journey on Facebook. The girls plan to post live updates and pictures until noon on Saturday.

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