PennDOT Patching Potholes in Columbia County

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. -- If you've driven anywhere on the interstates lately you've probably seen your share of potholes.

PennDOT spent time Thursday afternoon patching potholes along Interstate 80.

As cars whizzed by, a line of PennDOT trucks worked to patch potholes in Columbia County. Road crews used a mobile unit to fill those troublesome potholes along Interstate 80 near Bloomsburg.

Drivers who use that highway say conditions have been dreadful this winter.

"It is pretty rough sometimes," said Robin Potter. "Good thing I know how to fix my own stuff because I could not afford it."

"Feels like I am driving through a blender," said Shane Starkey. "I am getting bounced around all over the place. It is not fun. I have popped quite a few tires on this highway."

Work started right at the Luzerne County line and continued westbound just east of the Lightstreet exit near Bloomsburg

For safety, PennDOT crews used crash trucks to keep traffic out of the right lane.

"(Interstate) 80 has been crazy this winter. I run up to Hazleton twice a week and between the potholes and snow blowing off the truck, it is really scary," Karen Dirienzo said.

PennDOT crews are expected to wrap up at the Lightstreet street exit of Interstate 80 Thursday evening.

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