Home Gutted, Dogs Die in Fire near Sunbury

ROCKEFELLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A family in Northumberland County lost their home and everything inside after flames tore through their house.

One of the fire chiefs responding to the house fire near Sunbury said it was one of the worst fires he's seen.

Smoke billowed from what remains of a two-story house here near Sunbury as fire crews work to put out hot spots.

The fire chief from the Stonington Volunteer Fire Company says the call came in just before 1 p.m. on Thursday.

“I was the first emergency responder in and it was fully, fully involved at that time. The center of the house was completely burned out,” said Chief Kerry Yordy.

No was home at the time and the Red Cross says it is assisting the three people who live here who lost their home and everything in it, including two dogs.

A next-door neighbor who didn't want to show her face on camera said she came outside after seeing black smoke in her backyard.

“When I walked around the corner the house was in flames,” said the neighbor. “It was really sad to stand there and watch, there was nothing you do, we tried to get to the animals inside but.”

Yordy says this was one of the worst fires he`s seen.

“One to 10, it was a 10,” said Yordy. “It went quick, there was a breeze blowing, pretty good breeze blowing and it was blowing it right that way, so looks like it started in the front and center of the house.”

The fire chief says a state police fire marshal has been called in but with all this damage the cause of the fire will more than likely be undetermined.

“As far as devastation, I mean, quick as it went too, within one hour it was totally in the basement,” said Yordy.

The family's neighbor says they are in her thoughts and prayers.

“Oh, it's awful. It`s so incredibly sad, they were a very kind, nice family and to lose everything is awful, it's heart-wrenching.”

Once again, the Red Cross says it is helping the family get food, clothes and a hotel if they need it, however, the fire chief says the family told him they do have some places they can stay temporarily.

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