Events Calendar for Downtown Pottsville Filling Up

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Business leaders in Pottsville are banking on a series of events to keep people coming to the city through the spring and summer.

A quick scroll through the downtown Pottsville Facebook page will show you the plans the city has to draw people to Schuylkill County's biggest city. There's a list of events scheduled once the weather warms up a bit centered on boosting economic development and tourism.

"Tourism is huge because it makes it a cool place to live. That's kind of been our mantra since we started this, but it shows what opportunity lies in Pottsville. Maybe someone wants to bring in a business, maybe they want to buy a house. It's a nice place to start a family," said Savas Logothetides, the owner of Wheel, a restaurant in Pottsville.

Starting at the end of April and running through September, there will be a variety of events coming to the city.

This includes: "Food Truck Friday" on the first Friday of every month which will feature local food vendors.

A farmers market will also return to the city and Yuengling will celebrate its 190th anniversary this summer.

The second annual Pottsville on Tap also highlights what's set to happen here.

"We have a lot of farmers and musicians specifically who go other places, other farmers markets, other venues outside of the area. For this farmers market, we're looking to draw them all in one place. So, people in Pottsville and Schuylkill County are looking and saying 'look what we have here,'" said business owner Abby Weaver.

"Whereas in the last couple of years, we've had four or five main events throughout the year, now we're looking at having somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 events between Logger Jogger which is the end of April, then Pottsville on Tap in the middle of September," Logothetides said.

Those who grew up in Pottsville say in recent years, events like this didn't really exist. The fact that they are now happening shows the city isn't only evolving, but also growing.

"We have so many people that support us. Before, when we first started this, people kind of looked at us, thinking we couldn't do it, and now people are coming up saying we're doing a great job and it's awesome to see this is working and this is happening," said vendor coordinator Joseph Drasdis.

Check out upcoming events at the Downtown Pottsville Facebook page.

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