Iron Horse Movie Bistro in Scranton Getting Ready to Reopen

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A movie theater in downtown Scranton, shuttered for more than a year, is expected to reopen in the next few days.

The Iron Horse Movie Bistro opened in 2017 as the area's first movie theater/restaurant combo. It was only open for about eight months.

Now, a new cinema company has come in to run the place, and the owner promises that this time it will be successful.

Except for some cleaning, Cosmic Cinemas out of South Carolina had a brand new theater to work with when it moved into the Iron Horse Movie Bistro.

"That really is a unique situation. This is an absolutely outstanding -- first class would be an understatement -- this is an ultra-class theater, so this is unique in our close to 20-year movie theater experience," said Terrell Braly, the CEO of Cosmic Cinemas.

Braly promises a better experience than patrons had with the theater's previous owner. The place in downtown Scranton was only open for eight months in 2017.

"I don't want to downgrade them at all, but the previous ownership in here has zero experience in the cinema eatery business, and it's not something you learn on the job," Braly said.

Christine Spiotto from Scranton came by to apply for a job. She's been walking past the theater on Lackawanna Avenue waiting for it to reopen.

"When I heard they were coming back, I thought, 'Why not try to apply again?' It's my second time trying to apply."

Cosmic Cinemas isn't married to the old name Iron Horse Movie Bistro, so that might change. A few other things are going to change, too.

"You need proper management and a proper concept. I don't think that the concept previously was thought through," said Braly.

Ticket prices will range from $5 to $9, depending on the day of the week. And now, moviegoers will get "at-your-seat service" in every theater.

"You want a drink, you want a pizza, you want some popcorn, it's all there for you, and you don't have to get up. The one thing we can't do for you is a bathroom break, but that's just about it," laughed Cosmic Cinema's Beverly Olhe.

The new owners plan to have the Iron Horse showing movies again by the end of next week.

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