Grand Opening Set for Kaos Fun Zone at Liberty Arena in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- The Liberty Arena in Williamsport has expanded. The facility has added a $5 million family entertainment center and now includes a bowling alley and arcade.

Since it opened in 2015, the Liberty Arena has been a hub for sports enthusiasts in Williamsport.

Employees hope customers can strike up some fun inside Kaos Fun Zone, part of a $5 million expansion project to the facility.

"The community in itself has really engaged us like in a way that we really never expected. We're becoming the hub, if you will, for an age group that represents the very young to some of those folks who are a little older but like a more mature scene," said Dave Klingerman, COO of the Liberty Group.

"It's a wonderful family and date night environment. We've come with friends without our kids. We've come with groups of children," Amanda McElroy said.

Kaos Fun Zone held its soft opening in November, and now the group is preparing for its official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The new facility includes a 12-lane bowling alley, arcade with over 40 games, indoor trampoline park, and laser tag.

"We're always looking for fun things to do in the area. We were invited by some friends the first time we came, and we were really happy to see a new trendy, clean, well-designed place for entertainment," McElroy said.

For those looking for a bite to eat after playing in the arcade or going bowling, the Liberty Arena has also opened up a new restaurant. Right across the hallway is Scorz Bar and Grille.

"Doing all these activities, whether it's playing a sport or enjoying some of the attractions, you are going to work up an appetite, so we have food and drinks right here. It's all under one roof," said Sarah Andreychik, marketing manager for the Liberty Group.

"I think we need more. We live a mile and a half away, so it's nice to have more choices," Santo Pernicano said.

The public is invited to the official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Kaos Fun Zone and Scorz Bar and Grill Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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  • Muriel Hykes

    Accessibility of Kaos Fun Zone

    My handicapped son, Curran; his aide, Tammy; and I visited there on November 27 at 3PM. The temperature was about 40F and it was windy. Two of us have mobility problems.

    First of all, there is a problem with the placement of the entry with regards to the handicapped parking. The handicapped spots are 30 feet from the entrance. There are enough spaces and you don’t have to pay to park there. The curb cut is also 30+ feet from the entry. There is no cut near the door.

    When you finally get to the entry, there is a double-door airlock system. None of the doors are easy to open. They do not have automatic button entry.

    In the entry area is a cashier and an entrance to a restaurant on the North side. Behind the cashier is the manager’s office. (I saw no actual manager. We were assisted by the restaurant manager.) The bathroom is on the top level. To the right of the cashier is a wide flight of steep concrete stairs with a handrail. On the level below are the games, bowling alleys and snack tables. None of the tables are wheelchair height. There was no drinking fountain.

    I asked how people in wheelchairs are supposed to get down there. While I signed up for an account card at the cashier, Tammy and Curran were lead around, through more doors, to the back, yes, back, by the manager. In order to get to the back, one must walk through the dimly-lit soccer area which reeks of rubber. If you have a severe latex allergy, avoid this place.

    At the rear of Kaos is a dinky, rickety, key-operated ‘elevator’ like the one at the Community Arts center front steps. I limped down the stairs, back to where the ‘elevator’ was. Curran and Tammy were still waiting there at the top of those stairs. The manager had gotten the wrong key. When she came back, I chided her for keeping it locked. She said they had to do that to keep kids from playing with it. I told her that was not our problem and this set-up was unacceptable.

    I pulled myself back upstairs two more times, to get help for a game that wasn’t working right and to get a manager to let us ride back up the elevator when it was time to go. (Good thing none of us had to use the bathrooms as we would have had to wait for someone to get an elevator key again!)

    I asked the manager why they couldn’t put in a real elevator. She said there was one over on the Arena entrance side but said they couldn’t get a permit to put one on this side. I told her that they shouldn’t have built the arcade down in a hole then!

    The bowling alley is very attractive. But there are large table-type things in between every set of lanes. In order to get a wheelchair or walker to the lane you must slide this huge square to one side or the other. We rested here and planned our next move. The benches are padded and comfy.

    The place is not completely devoid of ramps! From the bowling area, there is a long ramp leading down to a metal, stadium-type snack window. There was no employee there. The window was closed. I believe I saw a fire exit down there as well. How easy it would have been for them to put the bathrooms down there at the end of the ramp!

    The restaurant manager had bragged that they had “hill-type things you could put the bowling ball on and push it down.” We did not see any bowling ramps but I have no reason to doubt that they at least have THAT accomodation.

    I told everyone within earshot how stupid it was to build new construction that many people could not access. I intend to post this review to social media.

    Someone should call the parking commission and explain to them that handicapped parking spaces and curb cuts should be the closest ones to the door.

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