Wheel Stealers Victimize Scranton Honda Dealership

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Wheels and tires were stolen off cars at a dealership in Scranton.

The damage is in the thousands, and that dealership isn't the only one with this problem.

There have been reports of the thefts happening in Philadelphia, and now, one Honda dealership claims it is happening right here in Scranton.

Matt Burne Honda says over the last several weeks, cars have been broken into, and wheels and tires have been stolen. They have now added security to hopefully stop this crime.

"Anytime you are responsible for a business, you have your worries, but they are typically the worries you have after you have opened the doors. It's tough when you go to bed wondering how much damage you're supposed to have," said Brian Walsh, general manager for Matt Burne Honda.

Walsh has this recurring thought after several cars on his lot have been broken into for tires.

Walsh showed us photos, saying vandals have caused thousands of dollars in damage to his dealership on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton.

"Honda has what is known as a high-quality wheel, and we have had five cars over the past few weeks where the wheel was stolen despite the cameras and lengths we go to protect our lots," Walsh said.

Walsh says the vandals come to the lot at Wyoming Avenue and Poplar Street, break the windows, and take all four of the wheels.

Burne Honda isn't the only victim of tire thieves. At least 60 people in Philadelphia have reported the same problem.

"We come in and cars are flat on the ground with no wheels or tires. They cut the battery cable so the alarm isn't going off. They are professionals. They know what they are doing, and they are good at it," Walsh said.

Walsh says tires aren't the only thing these vandals are taking.

"They target for catalytic converters. There is a lot of copper and materials that are valuable," Walsh said.

Walsh added that they've even hired a security team to keep the lot safe.

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