Trees Removed to Make Way for Pavement Project

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Work began Tuesday on a major project that has been stirring up some controversy in the city of Williamsport.

More than 50 trees in the Newberry section will be torn down so that crews can pave the sidewalks and streets.

Some neighbors are sad to see the trees go.

West 4th Street is a main street in the Newberry section of Williamsport. Neighbors say it used to have a canopy of trees that went over the road, but now that's a thing of the past.

PennDOT says crews needed to clear the area for a paving project which would make roads and sidewalks smoother in the Newberry section.

"I was just devastated. I was crying all day just upset because I thought that we had a little more time," said Lisa Williams, Williamsport.

PennDOT says it needed to remove 51 trees because some of the roots were going underneath the pavement.

Once all of the trees are removed, work will begin to repave the streets in this part of Williamsport.

Cara Erb owns West End Family Market and says smoother roads could mean more business.

"I really think that they need to pave the street. It is kind of a mess. People don't like driving on 4th Street because of all the potholes," said Erb.

But people who live nearby say the lack of trees makes the neighborhood feel less like home.

"It becomes a thoroughfare. It becomes strictly a street for traffic," said Margaret Tupper, Williamsport.

PennDOT says it plans to plant 10 new trees once the road work is finished.

"Ten is better than nothing, but I'm going to go for replanting a lot more than that," said Williams.

The road work in this part of Williamsport is expected to be completed by fall of 2020.


  • In His Presence

    That makes me sick to my stomach. I have issues when perfectly good, healthy trees are cut down. Not only because it is a living part of nature, but it supplies homes and food for animals as well as oxygen in the air. That’s all we need is something good taken away for more pollution. Roads can be fixed without cutting down trees….there has to be another alternative to the sidewalk problem than cutting down trees. Why cut any if you plan to replace some? If there is room for new trees to be planted then there is room for the old ones to stay. If you must, cut only those that are up heaving the sidewalks and leave the rest alone. 51 is way too many trees to be cut down, only replacing them with 10 is a joke.
    I just want to cry. I hate seeing nature of any kind get killed off. We keep destroying this beautiful planet, all for the name of progress and convenience. Sad

    • Bob Stevens

      They violate the setback requirement of zoning. The 10 new will be smaller that wont violate setbacks. People always complain about something. Don’t want rough roads anymore, then you have to deal with the consequences of upgrading them. So upset about it, plant some in your yard.

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