Teaching Students About Healthy Living

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A group in Wilkes-Barre is helping pre-K students learn about living a healthy lifestyle. The members delivered presents to the kids on Tuesday.

Doctors and dentists were special guests at Heights Elementary Pre-K Counts classes. The visitors were brought in by members of Leadership Wilkes-Barre, an organization made up of community members who put on projects that help out the city.

This project is called Little Leaders.

"A lot of kids tend to be a little afraid of the doctor or the dentist, and one of the reasons why we're bringing them in is to show them that doctors and dentists are also regular people, and they just want to help you and help you understand how to take care of yourself," explained Alison Myers of Leadership Wilkes-Barre.

The group had the doctors and dentists explain to the students why it is important to take care of their teeth and their overall health.

After that, each student was given a tote bag full of items that will help them live a healthy life, including toothbrushes, fruit, and even a stethoscope.

"A lot of these kids are lower income, and they might not otherwise get other opportunities like this, so we're giving them chance to meet some speakers and learn more about how to take care of themselves and give them access to things they might not have at home or they might not otherwise have," Myers said.

The Leadership Wilkes-Barre students will be back to visit the students two more times before the end of the school year to teach them similar skills.

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