State Police Make Dream Come True for Junior Trooper

NEW MILFORD, Pa. -- A teenager with a debilitating illness got to live out one of his dreams on Tuesday.

Josh Bourassa is a 14 year old from New Milford who loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the Pennsylvania State Police.

Josh also has Krabbes leukodystrophy, a disease that damages the nervous system. Krabbes leukodystrophy has no cure, and Josh now has severe scoliosis.

Last week, Pennsylvania State Police made Josh an honorary trooper in a special ceremony at his home.

Josh's mom Rebecca says her son has always wanted to be a cop.

"He'd ride up and down the street singing, 'Bad boys, bad boys.' He's always, every time we see police officers, he's always like, 'Oh, mom, go faster. Get pulled over. Get a speeding ticket. I want to see my friends,'" said Rebecca Bourassa.

Now, Josh doesn't have to break the law to see his cop friends. State troopers from Troop R often drop in to check on Josh. On this day, it was a surprise visit from Trooper Bob Urban.

"For him to selflessly think about law enforcement all the time, with all of the difficulties that he's going through in his life, it makes us feel so touched in all of the barracks that we have in the troop," Trooper Urban said.

Trooper Urban and Trooper Josh spent the morning swapping stories. Josh showed his new friend his cop-themed bedroom, and when he left, Trooper Urban played his police siren for Josh.

"To me, I know personally that I don't think I'll get that chance to see him do that, so to have that done and have someone go out of their way to do that, to me, that was a dream come true."

Trooper Urban invited Josh to this summer's Camp Cadet at Marywood University.

Josh accepted, although he reminded us all, he's already a trooper.

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