Emergency Snow Route Fine Increased in Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- If you live in, work in, or visit Stroudsburg during a snowstorm, watch where you park.

Drivers who leave their vehicle on one of the boroughs Emergency Snow Routes will be left with a hefty fine of $100.

It used to be $15.

"Absolutely crazy and unnecessary. I mean, what can you do? No one has control of the weather," said Brenda Hargett, Stroudsburg.

Stroudsburg Borough Manager Jennifer Maier says it is necessary because these routes need to be plowed and kept clear for emergency crews to pass.

She says lately, people have been dismissing the rule.

"We don't want to give people fines. We just really want to keep the roads clean. There are signs on those streets. Just take a look before you park and stay off of those routes," said Maier.

Some people we spoke to say they do understand that the roads need to be cleared during a snowstorm, but they don't want this increased fine to discourage people from coming downtown.

"People who do know don't come, and the people who don't know are freaking out because they don't know where to park, and they have to park far away, so it messes things up a bit, but you can understand why," said Amanda Beam, Pocono Soap.

Amanda Beam manages Pocono Soap on North 7th Street in downtown Stroudsburg. Her shop is located on one of the boroughs Snow Emergency Routes.

"I think it's rough. It's a double-edged sword because they need to have the streets empty. It's really hard to plow when there are cars there. I understand that, but that is a very big jump though," said Beam.

Again, you can tell you're on a Snow Emergency Route by looking for one of the signs. You can also click here to see a street list.

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