Tremont Affected by Severe Weather Again

TREMONT, Pa. -- Parts of Schuylkill County were affected by strong winds overnight.

Over the summer, Tremont was crushed by flood waters on two occasions. Borough officials met with FEMA officials on Monday because the borough is still recovering from those storms.

Strong gusts of wind overnight caused more damage to the borough that's just trying to get back on its feet.

"I was going to work this morning, as I work for the borough, and I was going up the street and I came to the top of the hill there, and the light shined up into the field and as soon as I seen it, it was heartbreaking," said Jim Scheibley, president of Tremont Little League.

Overnight, the strong, gusty winds caused a utility pole that supports a set of stadium lights to completely snap at the base. The pole then crashed through a set of stands.

"I have about 20 years vested up there, 18 of which as president of the association, and with working with the small amount of people we have in the community to help us with our association, it just gets more and more difficult every year to try and provide baseball for these kids," Scheibley said.

Along Spring Street, there are more signs of wind damage. A trampoline is now mangled after tumbling into Good Spring Creek.

Later in the morning, another small trampoline was also found flipping and turning around the borough.

"I was running down Clay Street to fix a washout, and it was flying down Clay Street. I tried to grab it before it ran into some cars, which it was pretty close. Luckily, some neighbors came out and helped," said borough worker Lewis Kohr.

The Tremont Little League president tells us an estimated cost of the damage has not been determined yet.

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