Mount Airy Casino Shows Off Expansion Project

PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Mount Airy Casino Resort in Paradise Township is expanding by 100 brand-new hotel rooms and adding more space to its ballroom and event center.

"I think it's awesome. I think they need it. One thing, if you don't like to gamble, there's not a lot for people to do at night for the people who don't like to gamble, like me, so I think getting more activities will be good," said Debbie Frikkers, New Jersey.

The $40 million expansion project started last year and is expected to be finished by April.

Vincent Jordan is the vice president of marketing at the casino and says this expansion has been in the works for quite some time.

"It's really important to us to listen to our customers, and it's been long awaited that we would bring this type of facility on to the property and just give us another venue to be able to take care of our guests," said Jordan.

Even though the expansion isn't expected to be finished until the spring, you can start booking your hotel room right now.

In addition to more than 100 construction jobs, the expansion will also create 200 new jobs at the casino.

"That's what we need. That is what everyone needs, jobs," said John Melissas from New Jersey.

Melissas says besides job creation, he's excited to hear there will be more to do the next time he visits.

"You got to have things to do, keep people occupied," said Melissas.

A grand opening is scheduled for May 4.

A live entertainment lineup is also expected to be announced in the coming months.


  • Sean Christian Homes

    Disgusting…. This casino and mohegan sun has done nothing but rip off, trick, manipulate and take advantage of people with addictions. They lure them in, and then manipulate every machine to day, time, event, … it is not even a disadvantage… it’s a total scam.. And they use the money ripped off from people to expand…. all at the endorsement of the state who is suppose to look out for the welfare of their citizens…. Instead, casinos all over the country, legalizing drugs to poison people…. and allowing an open border… despite harassing everyone since the new york attacks to be screened everywhere… The country better wake up and it starts with the closing of mt. airy the scam and mohegan sun, the scam…

    • Brian Coates

      Ok. And we’ll make sure the Commonwealth of PA sends you the bill for all the lost tax dollars when these facilities are closed!

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