Red Carpet Rolled out in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- A historic movie theater in Union County rolled out the red carpet to celebrate the Academy Awards.

The biggest night in Hollywood was also a big night on the town for people at the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg.

Community members dressed for their own red carpet.

"We just take it as an opportunity to have a party downtown and welcome people into our theater," said Scotta Magnelli, Campus Theatre.

One of the last art deco single screen theaters in the country, this live Oscars screening has been a tradition for the theater for the last 12 years. It's also one of the only theaters in our area to feature the Oscars live.

"We're extremely lucky here in Lewisburg to have an art deco style theater that has the great decorations, shows the movies on a single screen, and so we try to support it in all the different ways we can," said Chris Exner of Lewisburg.

While Lewisburg is a long way from Los Angeles, patrons at the Campus Theatre got the star treatment.

From posters signed by celebrities to a fun photo booth to getting to hang out with Oscar himself.

Whether you're a movie buff or didn't see a single nominee this year, everyone we spoke to agrees that it's a good night to get out and celebrate with friends.

"It's really a great chance to come and see people from the community, and I get a chance to wear my cool hat which I can't do at work, obviously. It's just a really fun time in our town, and it's a great chance to see the Oscars with our friends," Clare Sammells of Lewisburg.

All the money raised at the event benefits the nonprofit organization that runs the theatre.

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