‘Library of Things’ in Tunkhannock Continues to Expand

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. -- "We've had a lot of changes that have happened really fast."

Officials with the Tunkhannock Public library Had high hopes for 2019. A little over a month ago, they announced they'd be creating a "Library of Things."

We were pretty overwhelmed," said Linde Maurer. "We got a lot of calls, a lot of donations. We were so grateful."

With more donations it could even accept, the library in Wyoming County is now renting out a lot more than just books.

"For me, it was awesome because I guess since I always wanted one and never did break down and spend the money on it, plus I have a smaller kitchen I don't want to have too many things at my house," Debbie Caines said.

Patrons also donated musical instruments including two guitars and an electric bass. Almost every instrument was checked out the first day on the shelf.

"Children and adults, the opportunity to check out musical instruments, we want to encourage that, give them opportunities they might not have had," Maurer said.

The library will also be partnering with Endless Music near Tunkhannock. Instructors will service the library's new instruments, and within the next month, they'll start offering group lessons at the library for free.

"There's a need for arts in the community and music education, a lot of funding is being cut for many programs in the arts," said Maurer.

With so much interest already in the new Library of Things, officials say it shows what this library means to the Tunkhannock area.

"We want to be a place in the community where people can come and have opportunities. We want to increase their knowledge, increase their literacy," added Maurer.

The Library of Things will continue to expand, but officials say now they're looking for an electric keyboard.

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