Talkback 16: Walmart Greeter Losing Job

The topic of this edition of Talkback 16 is longtime Walmart greeter Adam Catlin losing his job because the company is changing his job description. He was told he needs to start performing tasks that are impossible for him because he has cerebral palsy.



  • Wesley Bingaman

    WALMART should be ashamed of their stance requiring Adam Catlin to perform duties they know he isn’t capable of or after 10yrs of service be dismissed as though he is useless. He warmed your heart when ever he saw you coming in to shop, he is an asset and I know Sam Walton would never have agreed to treating a long time associate with such disrespect! SHAME ON YOU CORPORATE PENCIL PUSHERS!

  • Muriel Hykes

    I have a son who is very similar to Adam. I always figured he could work as a greeter.

    When news of the boycott hits Walmart HQ, I expect these job requirements to be dropped.

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