Slippery Conditions in Central Pennsylvania

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Driving conditions were dangerous in some parts of central Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

A van carrying students home from school swerved and hit a tree along Beaver Lake Road just outside Hughesville.

This isn't a lot of snow for central Pennsylvania, but emergency workers tell us it's enough to cover the roads, making road conditions more dangerous for drivers.

"There is not a lot of snow, but it's really slippery," Angela Lilley said.

State police say a student using a wheelchair was in a van on her way home from school when the crash happened. The student wasn't hurt, but the student's nurse Angela Lilley has a few scrapes on her face.

Lilley was in the back seat with the young girl.

"The van just slipped off the side of the road, and when he tried to get it to go back on the road, we just hit the tree," said Lilley.

Lilley says the driver was driving slow.

"And it was weird that we slid up a hill. You would think you would slide going down," Lilley said.

"If they don't get no salt on the roads, it's going to get pretty slippery. If they get salt on the roads then that will take care of the ice and stuff," said one driver.

With more winter weather on its way, Lilley plans to take her time getting home.

"Even if there is a little bit, I'm driving real slow."


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