Dealing with the Sloppy Weather

DANVILLE, Pa. -- Northeastern and central Pennsylvania was coated in snow earlier Wednesday, and now, freezing rain is falling.

A winter storm warning remains in effect for parts of our area.

It seems no matter where you were in northeastern and central Pennsylvania, people were struggling to keep up with the sloppy weather.

Plow trucks in downtown Danville maneuvered around traffic to pick up the slop Mother Nature left behind.

While businesses made sure their sidewalks were neat and clean, Tom Beiter was shoveling and salting and thinking of warmer weather.

"I'm going to say the groundhog promised us an early spring, and we're all going to hold him accountable!" Beiter said.

Chris Donahue of Bloomsburg plans to make the most of this weather with some skiing, but he says it hasn't been easy getting around.

"It's a terrible mess. Last time it snowed a week ago I had a near miss, and today I've been going really slowly to be safe. That's all you can do in this weather," Donahue said.

Meanwhile on the campus of Bloomsburg University, classes were canceled, and students were still slipping around.

"It's extremely slippery. It's hard, too, and then when the sun goes down, it gets even more icy, so it's even worse," said Darius Wallace, Bloomsburg University senior.

"You know on campus they don't have the salt out, so a lot of people have been slipping and stuff like that," said Kieron Smethers, Bloomsburg University senior.

Bloomsburg University senior Olivia Saul just wishes the wintry weather would let up so she can get to class.

"It's a little frustrating. It's the first time in my life where I'm bummed when we get snow days because I want to do what I'm actually supposed to be doing," Saul said.

PennDOT has reduced the speed limit on the interstates to 45 miles an hour as this wintry weather keeps coming down.

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