Scattered School Schedules?

KINGSTON, Pa. -- Tuesday morning was the sunny but frigid start of another school day at Wyoming Valley West Middle School in Kingston.

This time of year, arctic air and winter storms cause delays and cancellations.

There have been holidays, too, and so students at Wyoming Valley West and in many other districts have not had a full week in quite a while.

"It's good because we get the time off but then we have to make up those days that we've already had so much of days that we were supposed to have off taken off and then already one day to the end of the school year. That's not too good," said middle school student Lucy Obrzut of Edwardsville.

"It sucks because I like coming to school and it's like taken away from summer and stuff and taken away from educational purposes," said middle school student Ryan Frisbie.

A wintry mix in the forecast Wednesday could mean early dismissals.

"Good, more time off to do stuff that I need to," said Nate Obrzut of Edwardsville.

Some parents worry about what this schedule means for their kids' education.

"My kids love it. They're extremely happy about it because they're teens. So it's been exciting for them. For me, I don't know, I worry that where are they in school, how are they going to retain things. But you know you can't stop the weather or the holidays," said Shannon Collins of Kingston.

Administrators at Wyoming Valley West build 5 snow days into the calendar.

They have used those up already.

They have three in-service days they can use if state officials give them permission.

Graduation day is set for June 7. The last day for other student is June 11 and school officials want to keep it that way.

They hope Mother Nature cooperates.

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  • Bob Stevens

    Some breaks here and there in the indoctrination camp is good. They learn for testing and to be good little tax slaves, not practical world use and respectable citizens

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