Mother of Trayvon Martin Speaks to Students at Bloomsburg University

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Nearly seven years after her son was shot to death, sparking national headlines and protests, Trayvon Martin's mother spoke at Bloomsburg University.

Sybrina Fulton was the keynote speaker at the Sankofa Conference at Bloomsburg University on Saturday.

Her son, Trayvon Martin, died in 2012 after the teen was shot and killed in Florida. The teen's killer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted.

Fulton now dedicates her life to the fight for civil rights and speaking out against violence.

Students wanted to know how the grieving mother handled the painful loss.

"To be able to come from something so tragic that happened and still strive to push every day to make a change is really important, and the fact that she cares so much about other people while she has other things going on shows true courage and power," said East Stroudsburg University student Jevon Mitchell.

The Sankofa Conference is organized by Bloomsburg University's Multicultural Center as a part of celebrating Black History Month.


  • NatMat283

    Zimmerman is a low class piece of garbage. Do some looking into the man and what he has been up to since he shot Martin. It is a reflection on his actions of that day and I say the courts got it wrong. He picked a fight with a kid unjustly and had to shoot the kid because he started a fight he couldn’t win. Zimmerman was the instigator 100%. He only won his trial because of a mishandled investigation and because he looks like a white guy. Zimmerman’s civil rights were violated lol, good one. Look past your bigoted nose Lickerblisters.

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