Warmer Weather for Ice Festival

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. -- Ice sculptor Evan Hughes is carving his latest work of art. He is creating a creature from the Star Wars movie series for a crowd at the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice in 50 degree weather.

"Believe it or not I prefer to carve ice in 15-16 degree weather. It's like ideal for ice. Any colder than that and the ice could get very brittle and cause different problems," said Hughes.

Eight-year-old Spencer Arendt even came to the festival dressed up as Darth Vader from Star Wars and he loved the ice sculpting show.

"I can see my favorite characters and I can look for pieces of my favorite droid in the ice," said Arendt.

The Star Wars theme was a hit with people of all ages and ice sculptures of the characters lined South State Street.

Francine Gallagher comes to the festival every year and says you can't beat this weather.

"We have been to these things for a long time and there have been weekends where it is painful. It's actually painful. Tonight it's more user-friendly," said Gallagher.

One thing the warmer weather was perfect for was the parade.

Kids waved their lightsabers from area fire trucks, an ice sculptor got to work while on a float and the Abington Heights High School band belted out the Star Wars theme.

"Exceeded my expectations. We were a little scared when Darth Vader came by but Chewbacca kept him in order so we felt very safe. We had a lot of fun," said Mark Molnar of Clarks Summit.

The Clarks Summit Festival of Ice continues throughout the weekend in Lackawanna County.

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