Still Sharp at 108 Years Young

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Words of gratitude is what Eva Sharpless of Hazleton had to say as she blew out her candles on her 108th birthday.

"I love Hazleton. This is where my roots are. They're too deep to dig up now," said Sharpless.

To celebrate the milestone, family and friends joined Eva in her home for cake, ice cream and presents.

"I could put it in one word. I had a wonderful life. I have nothing to regret," said Sharpless.

Robert is Eva's 84-year-old son. He says to not let her age or the name 'Sharpless' fool you.

"Eva is very sharp, she's as sharp as a professor with a Ph.D. because her memory can go back to the early 1900s," said Robert.

Eva Sharpless tells Newswatch 16 longevity runs in her family.

"I have a sister in New York. She's 103," said Eva.

In all her years, Eva says she never imagined the capabilities of the devices everyone has in their pocket.

"I thought TV was a wonder, you know you sit and see pictures from Europe and that but now these little phones," Eva said.

And the secret to living to the ripe age of 108?

"Just to be happy, contentment and don't get into trouble," Eva said.

"And vitamin c. That's almost a family joke. Anytime anybody gets sick, 'did you take your vitamin c today?' She's a firm believer in vitamin c," said Robert.

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