Parking Meter Debate in Lehighton

LEHIGHTON, Pa. --  Parking meters line most of First Street in Lehighton, though none of them work.

That's because parking on this street is free, but some business owners say the perk isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"We have employers, employees, residents who park on First Street and occupy the spaces all day long and it leaves little to no room for customers to come in and frequent our stores," said Jennifer Solt-Cerato.

Jennifer Solt-Cerato owns Jenny's Sweets and More. She brought her concern to borough council earlier this week.

"My intent was in no way was to harm anyone who lives on First Street from parking close to their home but possibly this can be a step in creating what we need to have created as Lehighton grows," said Solt-Cerato.

Some other shop owners agree.

"Let's fix them, let's get them working and start using them. I really think it would even be a great asset to the town to have a little extra income to come in," said Christina Yurasits of Blended Bakery.

Some people we spoke to say it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary if they had to start paying the meter here on First Street. That's because you have to pay for meters almost every place else.

"Every town that you go to you see meters, you put money in it. It's your privilege to park," said Bradley Winkler of Kunkletown.

Though not everyone is on board, like the owner of Crazy For Closeouts.

"I say no because I don't want customers walking around my shop, checking their watch, seeing what time it is so they feed the meter and then leave. I like to let them get into the experience and not have a time constraint," said Andrew Patterson.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the borough office to ask what officials plan to do about the issue, but the manager is out of the office until next week.

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