Flying Ice Causing Serious Fines

TEXAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Imagine driving down the highway and a chunk of ice flies off a tractor trailer and smashes through your windshield.

Now think of the time and cost it would take to fix the damage.

At Mesko Glass Company near Honesdale, manager Rob Martin says crews have been busy all winter with windshield replacements in Wayne County.

"People not cleaning off your vehicles. Ice is flying off it so we have seen an increase in business for that exact problem," said Martin.

Martin showed Newswatch 16 pictures of recently damaged cars. All from flying snow and ice.

"People do not understand the severity that would have on your vehicle I mean we have had vehicles that have caved because of that not only to your vehicle but the people inside the vehicle," Martin said.

State police say it is the law to clean off your car before hitting the road refusing to do so could result in a fine of up to $1,000.

"I have experienced it and I just a allow a lot more distance when I notice a car is loaded with snow and ice and that way when it falls off it does not hit my car," said Patty Schwegman of Honesdale.

"I do not think it is any intention to hurt anybody but there is a serious possibility of people not paying any attention," said Patrick Lloyd.

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