16 To The Rescue: Dottie and Dutchess

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Dottie and Dutchess are a dynamic duo.

They are young pit bull mixes at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit.

"They're absolute sweethearts, you would enjoy every minute of them," said Amy Torba of Griffin Pond.

These girls are sisters and were recently living with a homeless man.

"He was looking to do the right thing for them it was like the area when we had the really cold weather and he basically said he didn't want them in the same conditions he was under," said Torba.

Workers tell me the girls' former owner took very good care of them and wanted them to go into a loving home together.

"They are bonded, we would prefer under the circumstances that they've gone through already they could stay in the same home," said Torba.

These gals certainly have some spunk.

"Probably the first half hour or so that you have them out of the cage they're going to need to be walked, kind of get that energy out because they are still puppy like."

Dottie and Dutchess do settle down eventually and when they do they thoroughly enjoy snuggling and getting belly rubs.

We're told Dottie and Dutchess play well with other animals.

"Their temperaments are excellent, they're very interactive, very friendly. We don't see any issues with them with other dogs and they can be cat tested accordingly," said Torba.

And are friendly with everyone they meet.

"They do like men, they do like women, we assume they'd be great with children. The gentlemen did have children previously when he had an adequate facility for them. we can test them again with children but as you can see they are very friendly, very outgoing."

While Dutchess is a healthy pup, Dottie does have some kidney issues.

"They really don't know specifically what's causing that but her kidneys aren't functioning a hundred percent, but since that point, we've been feeding her a kidney infused diet to protect what she does have."

These sisters are just hoping for their forever family,  someone who will love and care for them like their former owner did.

"They are absolute sweethearts and considering what they've been through and the love that their previous owner had for them, we'd love to give them that same kind of home and that same kind of nurturing that he's already given them," said Torba.

If you are interested in adopting Dottie and Dutchess you can find more information on Griffin Pond Animal Shelter's website.

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