Saying ‘I love you’ with Heart-shaped Steak

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Nothing says "I love you" more than a heart-shaped piece of beef… at least that's what workers at a meat market in the Poconos think.

Inside Gary's Meat Market near Stroudsburg, you'll find a variety of meat in the line of cases, but every year during the week of Valentine's Day, a very special cut is sold – heart-shaped ribeyes.

Elijah Tindall from Saylorsburg made a special trip to pick up one for his sweetheart.

"I think they are pretty awesome. I know that my girlfriend, she's the one that told me that she wanted it at first, so the fact that she told me that she wanted it, I went out and checked it out and I came down here to Gary's steak."

Owner Gary Oney says he's been slicing these ribeyes into hearts for more than ten years. He says the cuts have become a hit around the holiday of love.

"They love it, they love it. We go through a couple cases this week, and for this time of year, it's a great thing. It helps business this time of year," Oney said.

If you and your Valentine celebrate a little bit late, don't worry because these heart-shaped steaks will be here all weekend long.

"It's very unique and it's nice that we can come here right in down and get our steaks," said Michele Serafin from Stroudsburg.

She says she's hoping these steaks will put a smile on the faces of her Valentines.

"They are so cool, and I think the kids will get a good kick out of them."

If you're interested in one of these heart-shaped ribeyes, it will run you just under $14 a pound.

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