Heart-shaped Pizzas for Valentine’s Day

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- Sometimes the perfect Valentine's Day gift isn't flowers or candy; it's something many people eat all year long.

Every time the phone rings at Joe's Pizza in Nanticoke, owner Joe Hynoski looks forward to the call, but on Valentine's Day, the orders are a lot more fun.

"I'm very happy and excited when we have the different holidays because it gives me a bit of a challenge," Hynoski said.

For about three decades, he's spent his Valentine's Days making heart-shaped pizzas. He makes all his orders by himself.

"I don't exactly how many but we have preorders now for near 100, so, I'm sure it will be a little bit more than that."

Each pizza goes in a box with a special message on it. It says, "from our heart to yours, Happy Valentine's Day."

"I really enjoy what I'm doing. I love my work. It keeps me cool," Hynoski said.

Hynoski has been in the pizza business for 65 years. Valentine's gives him a chance to see customers he doesn't usually.

Hynoski says longtime customer Tom Moore of Nanticoke is always the first to order his heart-shaped pie.

"It's just a nice gift. It's not typical. It's not something you can get everywhere. It's kind of special," said Moore.

When the busy day of filling orders is done, Hynoski says he plans to save one of his creations for his own valentine -- his wife.

"She'll be here later on, maybe giving me a hand, and maybe we'll share a little small one. Yes, that will be different."

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