Icy Start To Day In Freeland

FREELAND, Pa. -- The sound of ice scrapers could be heard all over Freeland Wednesday morning after people woke to find a thick layer on their vehicles, sidewalks, and streets.

"The ice was pretty thick and it coated the whole thing, the windows wouldn't go down so it was kind of a pain," said Daniel Steinberg of Freeland.

People chopped and shoveled away what they could from their properties.

Andrew Gurzler of Steve's Lawn Care was up early and staying busy, working to clear and salt icy parking lots.

"We try to get out before people get out to work so we try to get all the lots scraped up and salted before people come into work, just get into work before people get in," he said.

Where there was snow, the ice was not as treacherous, but in bare spots, it was dangerous to walk and drive on.

"Most people look at the main roads and see they're bare but when they get back on the streets in town and the back roads in the country, those sometimes haven't even been touched yet," said John Howey of Freeland.

Howey is a school bus driver who had to spend extra time getting ready to go to work by first clearing off his own vehicle before checking on his bus.

His hope? The ice melts soon.

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