Pizza on a Snow Day in Carbon County

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When the roads are bad, and it seems like wintry conditions will never end, there's nothing like a slice of pizza to keep you warm.

As plows removed snow outside the Carbon Plaza Mall near Lehighton, pizza, strombolis, and mini-tacos were hot and ready inside the shopping plaza.

The winter weather made it a perfect time to eat some pizza for Ashley Gery and her family.

"It's nice when they have off of school. It's time I get to spend with them that I normally would not get to," Gery said.

All sorts of pizza were already baked at Pizza Como as people wandered out of the cold weather.

The staff at Pizza Como wanted to stay open to make sure people who had to work in these conditions could have a bite to eat.

In business for more than 40 years, pizza makers here take pride in serving the customers no matter what kind of weather.

"Not everybody is going to be out of business today so there are still people that need to eat and have to be out so if they have to be out we will be out too," Salvatore Caruso said.

"It is supposed to turn to rain tonight, so it is going to wash away and that will end the fun for the week," Gery said.

For the Gery family, the snow day gave them time to focus on what's important in life, food, and family.

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