Lots of Shoveling, with Some Play Time in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Roads were slushy but drivable at a reasonable rate of speed as Newswatch 16 headed to Pottsville on Tuesday.

We saw around 10 tractor-trailers pulled over by state troopers for violating the commercial vehicle ban on interstates.

When we got to Pottsville, we saw plenty of shoveling.

"10 o'clock last night, the roads were slightly covered. Then around midnight is when the travel got bad on Sixth Street hill. It was slick. Cars couldn't make it up," Heather Stefan said.

People in Pottsville say the snow came through late Monday night and early Tuesday and then turned to sleet. People were forced to shovel before all of it turns to ice.

"I just came out here to make sure everything was OK for our neighbors. I haven't been out here long, and I hate it already and it's only been five minutes," Lizzy Fessler said.

Others spent their days off enjoying the elements by snow blowing for family members and spending some quality time outdoors with grandkids.

"We have some elderly family that lives in the area, and we're just going around, making sure everybody is cleaned up and can get out safe tomorrow," Andrew Wollyung said.

"Trying to get out right away before it just turns to rain and complete mush. She loves the snow. She's been looking out the window all morning, waving to everybody and wanted to get out here and enjoy it," Chris Hartshorn said.

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