Icy Mess Coats Central Pennsylania

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- It wasn't the most snow we've gotten this year, but Bill Pine of Lewisburg made sure to get on top of the storm and shovel early.

"It hasn't been that bad of a winter at all, but I learned to get it up as quick as I can so it doesn't freeze over," Pine said.

The latest blast of winter weather left about two to three inches of snow in Lewisburg and quickly changed over to sleet.

Janice Beaver was out delivering newspapers as she does every day.

"We do it no matter what. It's a job," said Beaver.

Many of the roads in our area were slick, and there were crashes reported all over. Drivers took it slow, and some just stayed home. Others say they are used to this by now.

"It's normal for this time of year. You just put up with it," said Cletus Brandon of Danville.

"Can't let inclement weather slow you down when you live in Pennsylvania," Pine added.

Businesses and schools closed throughout the area.

"It can get a little annoying sometimes because when you want to go school for once, it snows, and you can't," Tehya Gass said.

For some, it was a good day to play outside. Ledger, an 11-week-old German shepherd puppy, loves the snow.

"Every day he is trying to find some kind of snow in the yard to eat or play with," said his owner Jesse Kelly.

Kelly feels a little differently about the snow.

"It kind of ruins the roads and makes everything messy."

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