Hazleton Residents Head Out into the Storm

HAZLETON, Pa. -- It started as snow and then changed to sleet and freezing rain. Despite it all, people who live and work in the Hazleton area found ways to get through the storm.

Hazleton woke up to a coating of snow coupled with icy winds Tuesday morning.

Schools closed, but businesses remained open.

Roads were slippery, but Chris Harrison from Jeanesville still made an early morning supermarket run.

"Made a supermarket stop for a little bit of lunch because I have to work 12 hours," Harrison said.

From there, it's a factory in the Valmont Industrial Park that makes metal jar lids. Some were there just for the fun and breakfast.

"I'm always up early and it's a habit and I came here to get some doughnuts, would you believe?" Rick Robinson said.

Robinson was there with his wife Nami, a San Francisco native. They've had 20 years of Pennsylvania winters.

"I'm still not used to it. The snow is rough, still rough," Nami Robinson laughed.

The Robinsons agree they will take San Francisco's rain and fog over Pennsylvania's snow and ice.

Shortly after the sun came up, there was a change. The snowflakes we saw overnight and all morning, transitioned into an icy sleety mix

Frank Vito has the job of helping get rid of it. He runs the Hazleton Department of Public Works.

"You have to put down twice the amount of anti-skid. We have a lot of hills in this area to pay attention to, the northeast, the northwest, so we do use more materials with sleet and freezing rain," Vito explained.

Vito says the city received more than 100 tons of rock salt and anti-skid material, just before the storm hit.


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