Clearing Snowy Roads, Sidewalks in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Sidewalks and roadways were covered Tuesday morning in Williamsport, and it was up to city employees like David Myers to clear them.

"Snow like this, it's just wet. When it gets wet like this, it gets tough to move," said Myers.

Myers began plowing roadways around 4 a.m. He says he clocks out and goes home when the roads are cleared.

"I would rather have a six-inch snowfall than ice and sleet and rain mix together. It's easier to plow."

Christine Plocinski spent part of her morning clearing parking lots and sweeping snow off the sidewalks.

"Today so far, the traffic is pretty light. I would say, being that the sleet is coming, the roads are starting to get a little slicker because of the slush," said Plocinski.

"I'm not driving in the slush. It's dangerous. It's scary and it's slippery," Lapree Handy said.

Instead of driving, Handy decided to play it safe and walk to the bank.

"This for me is peaceful. I can walk in this all day. I can't drive in it, but I can walk in it all day."

By midday, instead of snow, drivers were dealing with sleet. Many sidewalks were still covered in snow in Montoursville.

"Supposed to rain late this afternoon so that will make it bad, and then people don't know how to drive so that just makes it worse," said Veda Ruch.

We found Veda Ruch shoveling in Montoursville.

"If you get a running start, you can clear the whole walkway in one swipe."

For now, her sidewalks are cleared.

"Now we just need the trucks to come sweep down here again. Take the slush off. We got it made."

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