Tunnel Detour in the Poconos Riddled with Potholes

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STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There is growing concern over a road in the Poconos that is creating a very bumpy ride for drivers.

People who use Cherry Lane Road near Stroudsburg say the problem started to grow once it became part of a detour for a tunnel project.

It's not the smoothest ride for drivers passing through the tunnel on Cherry Lane Road in Stroud Township.

Doug Dymond from East Stroudsburg has to drive it daily.

"It's a disgrace," Dymond said. "It's been like that for years, and maybe three weeks ago they had two or three crews here with a grader or something, but I don't think they did anything."

People who live and work near this tunnel tell Newswatch 16 the road has always been bad, but it started to get worse after it became part of the detour for another tunnel: the nearby Stites Tunnel on Route 191, where a construction project started last month.

Workers at the Brodhead Creek Heritage Center say it's been a challenge.

"Only one car can get through at a time. People need to wait, especially around the rush hour area, it really gets busy. The potholes are terrible, and during cold weather, the potholes freeze into ice puddles, so it's a really treacherous situation," Bob Heil said.

Drivers who use the detour say they hope PennDOT comes up with some kind of fix, especially since they will be using this route for the next 11 months.

"The potholes as you go through are just huge and we hear people, some people don't slow down enough, and we can hear them in here. 'Bam!' And then they keep going up the hill. But it's frustrating knowing we have 11 more months of that," said Louise Troutman, Brodhead Creek Heritage Center.

A PennDOT spokesperson says the issue is that a few inches underground are utility lines and they can't dig to fill the holes properly. They are working with several companies to move the lines above ground but there is no set start date.

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