Runaway Tire Smashes into Car on Interstate 81

MOOSIC, Pa. -- A woman was taken to the hospital after a runaway tire smashed into her car on Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County Monday morning.

The collision between that runaway tire and a woman's sedan tied up traffic on Interstate 81.

The woman is expected to be OK, and that scary occurrence may not be as unusual as you would think.

The impact left a large dent on the roof and windshield of the car. The driver told police a runaway tire collided with the car as she was driving north on Interstate 81 in Moosic.

The driver was taken to the hospital after the ordeal. The tire was found across two lanes of the highway and state police got to work trying to find its source.

This is the third crash caused by a runaway tire in just a few weeks here in our area.

On January 28, a tractor-trailer's tire flew into the windshield of a Greyhound bus on Interstate 380 in Moscow. The bus driver was taken to the hospital, but everyone else on the bus was OK.

Just a few days before that, a Newswatch 16 dashcam caught a tire flying off a dump truck in Greenfield Township. The truck had dual tires. The driver here was OK, too, and our news car came through unscathed.

State police are investigating this latest case from Monday morning. They did not immediately know on the scene where the runaway tire had come from.

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