Man Accused of Stabbing Pet Dog

PALMERTON, Pa. -- A dog is recovering after police say a man stabbed the animal multiple times in Carbon County.

That man is now facing animal cruelty charges.

Rosie the pit bull is just a year old, but she has proven she's one tough pup after fighting for her life these last few days.

Rosie is back home in Palmerton recovering after investigators say she was stabbed three times. After facing extreme blood loss and infection, her owner Jeffrey Smith hopes she is finally on the mend.

"It's hard to look at. It's cut open, and you can see the skin yet," said Smith. "It's a sad thing. It's my animal, and I love my dog."

Palmerton police have charged Trevor Strohl of Palmerton with aggravated cruelty to animals. Court papers say Strohl was living in the same home as Rosie's owner earlier this month, and he claimed voices told him to kill the dog. Strohl took off but was caught. Investigators believe Strohl was using heroin at the time.

"He is a sick guy. He just needs to get help, and he needs to pay for what he did," said Stacy Fritz, a friend of Smith.

Despite all that's happened to her, Rosie is still a people person.

"She's such a good dog, and I just hope she didn't lose her spirit in people," Fritz added. "They say pit bulls are vicious and attack people, and here she got attacked."

Rosie has made some new friends through the whole ordeal. Palmerton police posted to Facebook that when they delivered Rosie to the emergency vet, she was in critical condition. Officers say they are happy to see her doing so well.

While Rosie continues to heal, Fritz says she wants justice for her.

"You just don't go around, sick or not, just stabbing other people's dogs," said Fritz.

Strohl is scheduled to be in court later this week.

If you are interested in helping Rosie and her medical bills, you can donate to the Valley Central Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

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