Treasurer Allegedly Stole Money from Honey Pot Club

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- The Honey Pot Club and Volunteer Fire Department will remain dark as members plan what to do next.

The club had a members-only meeting Friday at the West Side Park clubhouse to discuss the criminal investigation.

A search warrant obtained by the Citizens Voice identifies Daniel Wozniak, the Honey Pot Club's treasurer, as the suspect who stole thousands of dollars in order to fuel his gambling habit.

According to the warrant, he told police upon turning himself in on Thursday that the money he stole helped him pay off his debts until he depleted the club to the point where it had to close.

Club board members became suspicious when their bills were not being paid, according to the search warrant.

Daniel Wozniak initially admitted stealing the money in an email to his wife, who is also a member of the club, who then supplied that email to police.

Newswatch 16 was not allowed inside the meeting Friday night, but one member told us after the meeting that the club and fire company would remain closed until money was raised to pay the past bills.

Terry Panetta, who lives right next door, said it was the utility company that informed him of the Honey Pot's financial woes.

"About five days ago I came outside and the power company was outside and she was pulling the meter. I thought we were getting new meters. And she basically said 'No, they have unpaid bills here for a few months' and they pulled them off and shut them down," said Terry Panetta.

The Honey Pot Volunteer Fire Department posted to its Facebook that the attack 6, the company's service vehicle, would be in limited use due to the investigation and loss of utilities.

"The fire hall is obviously going to have problems now because if there is a fire locally, they have to wait for Nanticoke to come up," said Panetta.

Nanticoke police told Newswatch 16 that Wozniak is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. No charges have been filed at this time.


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