Scranton Funeral Home Director Admits to Tax Evasion

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A funeral home director from Scranton has admitted to diverting nearly $900,000 in corporate receipts to his own accounts and not reporting the income to the IRS.

Al Hughes, 60, of Scranton, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court.

Hughes also admitted that he began diverting corporate receipts in 2009 and continued through 2014 and that he cashed hundreds of customer checks, intended for payment of funeral home services, at various financial institutions, including a check cashing service in Scranton.

Hughes diverted corporate receipts from four area funeral homes, including the Thomas J. Hughes Funeral Home, the Eagan-Hughes Funeral Home, the McGoff-Hughes Funeral Home, and the Davies & Jones Funeral Chapel.

He was indicted in 2017.

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