Sandusky Still Fighting for New Trial

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky isn't giving up his attempt to get a new trial even after an appeals court said no.

Sandusky's lawyers are still making the case that their client didn't get a fair trial, blaming his trial attorneys and prosecutor for not disclosing certain evidence.

On Tuesday, the state Superior Court denied the request, but did rule Sandusky should be resentenced because of other court rulings related to mandatory minimum sentencing.

Now, Sandusky is appealing his trial to the state Supreme Court.

"If the court grants us a new trial, I would be surprised if the government would proceed, the Commonwealth would proceed with a new trial, because this prosecution in our opinion is fatally flawed," said Al Lindsay, Sandusky's attorney.

Sandusky’s attorneys think the resentencing will be delayed until the state Supreme Court hears their appeal.

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