Rash of Car Break-ins in Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. -- A rash of overnight vehicle break-ins has police in Danville warning residents to lock it up.

Since Saturday night, about 10 cars have been reportedly broken into.

With another theft occurring Tuesday night and sparse leads, Danville police are asking for residents to stay vigilant.

"It's all residential at this point. Someone since last Saturday has been going through people's vehicles, taking odds and ends, things that are not attached, money, change, some clothing in some cases," said Chief Eric Gill.

Local residents and business owners say they are shocked to hear about these recent break-ins right in their own backyard.

"It's a small community, and if something's amiss, a neighbor will call you and say, 'Hey, something looks not right,' or 'I saw something,'" said Tom Beiter.

"The town keeps up pretty much on everything, so hearing that is very shocking. Especially because we live in Danville too," said Philipo Candera.

The first step to protecting your car and belongings inside is easy: all you have to do is lock your car.

"Keep the cars locked. If they do need to keep anything of value in there, hide it so people that are walking by can't see it," said Gill.

Danville police are urging anyone who notices someone suspicious or believes their car has been broken into to contact them.

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