Enjoying the Warmer Weather

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- It might not look like it, but it sure felt like spring at Kirby Park in Wilkes-Barre.

Kids dusted off their scooters while adults enjoyed a peaceful walk near thawing ice.

The 59-degree weather tied the record high.

Five-year-old Aria Robard of Kingston much prefers February when it is this way.

"Freezing makes me freeze into an icicle!" Robard said.

"I couldn't get them outside during the polar snap there, so I felt bad. It's nice to get them unplugged from TV and devices though," said Philip Robard of Kingston.

This tie for record-breaking high comes almost one week after a tie for the record-breaking low. Last Wednesday, the low--without windchill--was negative 3 degrees. People were taking advantage of the 62-degree temperature difference.

"It feels like it's like global warming right now because it was just below 10 and now it's like 59. It's awesome!" Alyssa Fuller of Edwardsville said.

Meanwhile in Lackawanna County, people were busy getting ice cream at Alpine Swirl in Peckville.

"Actually, we have double the business compared to last year at this time of the year," said co-owner Melissa Garbarino.

"It was some good weather today and my family, my kids, and my wife - she's pregnant - they wanted some ice cream," said Jose Jimenez of Jessup.

People we spoke with hope this warm weather is just a taste for a nice spring ahead.

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