Rescuers Urge Caution After Pulling People from Lake

LAKE WALLENPAUPACK, Pa. -- One day after six people fell through the ice on Lake Wallenpaupack, emergency crews are urging people to be extra careful in the days and weeks ahead.

There were a few people ice fishing on the lake on Sunday when Newswatch 16 stopped by.

The Tafton dive team responded twice on Saturday near Eppley Island for people on snowmobiles and ATVs who went into an open area of water in the ice, and officials are concerned it could happen again.

"People need to be aware of what's going on. Check ice thickness early and often. Bring a throw bag with a rope in it. Bring a PFD. You might look a little goofy, but we always say it's better you have that PFD and look a little silly than if you don't and tragedy strikes," said Lt. Nick Spinelli, Tafton Dive/Rescue Team.

Emergency crews aren't sure why that section of lake has not frozen with the recent frigid weather. But with a warmup this week, rescuers are asking people to be extra careful on frozen lakes and ponds.


  • joemama80

    Wait till they get the fines if they lost the machines in the lake. Pp&l didn’t want snowmobiles and atv’s on the lake for this reason. The lake level changes. Some times you’ll drill a hole to find an air gap between the ice and the water.

  • Matt Matt

    Do they have those machines on docks at Harvey’s Lake that prevent ice build up? They have those at Lake Winona. I guess it’s something to help preserve their dock but I bet ice fishers hate it.

  • whopperplopper

    90% of harvery’s lake has open shore line, yet there had to be 30 or more people out there fishing, some with atv’s

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