Man in Critical Condition after Truck Crashes through Pizza Hut

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- One man is still in the hospital after a truck went crashing through a Pizza Hut in Bloomsburg.

That man is in critical condition after a truck went crashing through the place.

Bloomsburg police say it was just after 2 p.m. Thursday when a truck drove right into the Pizza Hut, badly injuring Ezra Chandler.

Family and friends tell Newswatch 16 he doesn't have insurance and have now set up a GoFundMe account for help.

One day after Ezra Chandler's life was changed, his fiancée was joined by his shift manager outside the damaged Pizza Hut in Bloomsburg.

The 44-year-old man from Benton was working inside the Pizza Hut on Columbia Boulevard when a truck in the McDonald's parking lot next door crashed through the restaurant, leaving him in critical condition.

Lisa Winter, Chandler's fiancée of three years was heading home when she heard about the crash,

"He is wonderful," Winter said. "He is good with me and the kids. He is a good soul. If anybody needs help, he will give the shirt off his back to help anybody in need."

The driver told Bloomsburg police that their foot got stuck while they were in the McDonald's parking lot, driving over the curb and crashing into the Pizza Hut and injuring Ezra Chandler.

Winter tells Newswatch 16 Chandler is in intensive care at Geisinger Medical Center.

"He has broken ribs, both of his lungs collapsed, he has tubes in both sides," said Winter.

Friends and family say this will be a long road to recovery for Ezra so they set up a GoFundMe to help pay medical bills.

"It will go toward his medical bills because he doesn't have insurance because he was going to get it through Pizza Hut," Winter added.

"He is going to be out of work for a while, and as you heard, he has a family to take care of, and I hope we can help out any way we can," Gage Bloom said.

Right now, a manager says a building inspector has to check out the building before the Pizza Hut can open again.

Bloomsburg police say the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation.


  • Paul King

    This man that you are all talking about is my nephew. We spent almost every summer together when we were young. He was like a brother and a son to me. He used to idolize me, wanted to make me proud of him. I was always proud of him. Because of me he got his GED and went to school to become an auto tech. He later found out that it wasn’t for him but was so afraid to drop out because he thought I would think less of him. This has hit home in a big way. Please, if you’re able to spare anything doesn’t matter how much. Please donate to the go fund me account. His condition is unchanged and he continues to fight for his life at the ICU. He’s far from out of the woods. My heart is broken, my prayers continue every waking moment. I love this man as a brother and son. He has a heart of gold and would do anything he can for anyone in need. He has a great and supportive family that love him and will stand by him no matter what. He’s one of the greats and through no fault of his own he’s fighting for each and every breath. Please remember, when the camera’s stop rolling and the news moves on there’s still a man in the ICU injured so badly he may not survive. Also, the lawsuits will take a very long time to come into fluition and become money he can use for medical, pharmacy, and support his family. Thank you to all who’ve already donated. Even $1.00 is something to help, it adds up if there’s enough of you that care.
    Thank you,
    Ezra Chandler’s Uncle, brother, and father figure,
    Paul King

  • Giggity-MF-goo

    I worked for this Phut franchise for many years, they are super cheap and most likely dont have the proper insurance to cover this or the poor employee. Workman’s Comp, Auto Insurance and a Lawsuit or 2 should set him and his family good for a while. Hope he pulls thru

    • Paul King

      Thank you for so much kindness in your words. I’ve seen horrible jokes about what happened and
      it’s been tough dealing with all this. He is still fighting for his life and the doc’s won’t give us any positive news. All of his family is praying constantly for him. Thank you so much for not turning this into a joke.
      Paul King

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