Kids Get Active During Snow Day

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- What do you do as a child when school is canceled but it's too cold to play outside? If you have quick thinking parents, you play games with 50 of your closest friends at The Miller Center in Lewisburg.

"Dodgeball, soccer and other games," Josh Mudge said.

The Miller Center sometimes holds "Kids In Action" days, which are organized indoor play days while children are off of school. But these events are typically scheduled weeks in advance. But on this day when school was canceled, some parents wondered if they could get a few kids together to play.

"Two hours later this many kids are here. It`s great," Leslie Mudge said.

Leslie Mudge of Lewisburg helped organize the event. Nearly 50 kids showed up.

"There`s a lot of isolation. Nobody has anywhere to go. It`s depressing and a big bummer. The kids are at home and going a little wild," Mudge said.

The kids played soccer, dodgeball, and hockey.

"I`m playing hockey," Sophia Abunassar said.

Parents were happy because it was a way for their kids to burn off energy without going outside in this dangerously cold weather, and the kids were happy because they got to play.

The Miller Center hopes to do more programs like this to coincide with school cancellations.


    • phillyspecial18

      Um…too cold to stand outside for the bus (unfortunately, some parents can’t keep their kids warm in a car while waiting for the bus to come). And physical activity isn’t a “wussy” thing to do. Not like they were sitting on computers trolling social media sites and news sites with negative comments…

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