Cold Freezes Some Businesses

TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Folks spent the morning thawing out and chowing down inside Purkey's Pink Apple near Tunkhannock.

Over steaming hot cups of coffee, they talked about the cold.

There are usually more customers at Purkey's, but the arctic air is taking its toll on businesses of all kinds.

"You know there's a lot of people that don't want to go out in the cold, so workwise, it takes business down a little bit," said Cristi Schmehling of Purkey's Pink Apple.

"It puts a little damper on some of our construction activities, you know? I work for the Williams Company and it's problematic for everybody that has to work outside," said Leige Clare.

Meanwhile, the director of the Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency was monitoring conditions, ready to set up warming shelters if necessary, in the midst of this deep freeze.

"It's dangerous, it's super dangerous and hopefully by tomorrow we're out of it!" said Gene Dziak, director of Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency.

Dziak warns people not to go outside if they do not have to, but if you must, limit your time and dress warmly, wear layers, a hat, gloves or mittens.

Temperatures are expected to go up soon and people told Newswatch 16 it is important to stay safe, but also to keep some perspective.

"I grew up outside of Buffalo so this is a lot nicer here as far as the snow, so it's to be expected," said Clare.

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