Snow Squalls Bring White-Out Conditions

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A snow squall moved through the area around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, and the weather drastically changed in minutes.

Those outside during it couldn't believe how bad it got.

"It's the worst part and then when the wind blows, it gets really cold out here," said Wilkes University student Dominic Marks.

"I thought we were going to have a clear day for the rest of the week. I play lacrosse, so we were expected to be out on the field today, and obviously, plans have changed," said Wilkes University student Evan Stolicker.

On the campus of Wilkes University, students and faculty struggled to walk to class.

"We can't see anything. We're trying to work on a presentation and we're trying to go the shortest way outside," Chris Maderitz said.

"Walking to class in something like this, I get cold so easily," said Jordan Fritz.

"It's very cold. It's very snowy," said Aislinn Speranza. "Hopefully, we won't slip on the way going to class."

The students we spoke to say it's so windy and so hard to see, they couldn't imagine having to drive in this.

"I'm uncomfortable with driving in the snow. Luckily, I'm in walking distance from campus, unlike my friends who are commuters," Speranza said.

"For me, I'm from central New York, so this is kind of normal, but I think for the locals, it will definitely be a little bit of a shock and a little more dangerous," Stolicker said.

Even though the squall only lasted a short time, students we spoke with say they know the extreme weather is only getting started.

This line of snow squalls ushered in the coldest weather we've seen in a while.

Get the latest Stormtracker 16 forecast here.

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