Bumpy Road in Wayne County Leaves Drivers Rattled

DYBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Drivers fed up with a bumpy road in Wayne County finally have a smoother ride, but not before those drivers were jostled hard for days near Honesdale.

To say it was a bumpy ride along Niles Pond Road near Honesdale is an understatement.

All the snow, ice, and water runoff lately led to deep ruts in the ice-covered road, and not a warning sign in sight.

"This is by far the worst I've driven, a state road. I could have gotten swallowed up," said Sharon Watson.

Watson, from White Mills, wasn't the only one to learn the hard way. Some drivers have had their vehicles damaged by the rough patch.

"I've dented rims," said Sara Kellerman. "I went through probably four sets of tires."

Kellerman's father Craig has worried this road could cause problems for some time now.

"It's just like them being in a bouncy house, the ride in an ambulance or school bus bouncing back and forth," said Craig Kellerman.

"It jars your teeth and really takes a toll on your vehicle," Steven Beals said.

When the visibility gets bad enough, there's little to nothing to warn drivers about this mess on Niles Pond Road until it's too late.

"No excuse," said Watson. "At least a cone to say it's coming, that it's there."

A PennDOT official tells Newswatch 16 crews ran out of caution signs and have been dealing with recent snowfall, but after drivers called PennDOT about the road and after Newswatch 16 reached out, a grader moved in to make the road smooth.

It took some doing, but the heavy machine was able to scrape the ice down, at least until we get warmer weather.


  • Frank The Lunatic

    Remember, Wayne County Doesn’t exist to PennDot — Look at Route 348 by the Lackawanna/Wayne County Border, the Lackawanna Side is done decently but you can literally stop right at the county border sign and see how 5 feet after that on the Wayne County side, it’s hardly done, yet it’s the same PennDot.

  • lickerblisters

    This is ridiculous for a non-third world country! PennDOT says they’re out of caution signs. Of course they are, it’s easier to stick a caution sign in the ground than it is to fix the actual problem!

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